Some doubt justice served

Sha'keela McNair wrapped her hands around her pregnant belly Tuesday night as she talked about the day police shot and killed her boyfriend in Cherry Tree Crossing.


In about three months, Ms. McNair said, she will give birth to Justin Elmore's twins. The two boys will be born, she said, without their father, who was shot while attempting to flee from deputies in December.

"(The officers) are still walking around and that man is dead and gone," said Ms. McNair, who stood across the street from where Mr. Elmore's SUV rolled to a stop after the shooting.

"There should have been murder charges," she said.

For many Tuesday night in the Cherry Tree neighborhood, the decision by the grand jury to not pursue charges against the two deputies involved in Mr. Elmore's shooting is no surprise.

There is little trust for the police in the neighborhood, they said, and many felt other agencies, such as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation or the District Attorney's Office, would protect the deputies involved.

Brenda Johnson, 50, said everyone should be held to the same standard, and she didn't think that was the case.

"We're not getting treated (by the police) the way we're supposed to be treated out here," Ms. Johnson said. "That's all I can do -- put it in God's hands."

Ms. Johnson said her four grandchildren were inside a home not far from the shooting when one of the deputy's bullets struck a living room wall.

She questioned whether the outcome of the hearing would have been different if one of the children had been struck.

Nearby, a bystander, who did not give his name, said Mr. Elmore would have been blamed for that, too.

Across the street, 28-year-old Sheba Green said Mr. Elmore wasn't the person that police and the media portrayed. She still carries a memorial key chain with his face in her pocket.

She was a little older than Mr. Elmore growing up but remains close to some of his family.

"He wasn't a bad person -- not to shoot him down like that," Ms. Green said.

"We just want justice to be served."