Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


KEN LEWIS, head of Bank of America, says former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Fed head Bernanke threatened to fire him if he did not go through with an absurd deal for Bank of America to buy a lousy company. Is that not a felony on the part of Paulson and Bernanke? Why does nobody even mention that possibility? Is everybody corrupt?

FIRST, A RAVE for beginning the new North Augusta ramp on U.S. 1, as this has been a need for several years. Second a rant for the planning, or lack of, in creating a temporary exit for the residents of River North. This detour takes us down a poorly marked gravel and mud road with a sharp veer to the left that is not clearly marked and a dropoff that you cannot see. When coming into this entrance after dark it is very dangerous and somewhat frightening. SCDOT or City of North Augusta, please help!

MY RANT is about the Richmond County Tax Commissioner's Office. Are these people so secure in their jobs that they can be rude?

COLUMNIST EUGENE ROBINSON writes that "torture is immoral and illegal, and it unquestionably must be punished." Reading Robinson's Marxist columns surely falls under the definition of torture; will he be punished?

OFFICIALS OF THE G-7 countries "promised to move swiftly to provide the necessary fiscal tonic -- tax cuts or increased government spending -- to turn around their own troubled economies." Tax cuts, yes. But "increased government spending," wrong, wrong, wrong! Lies, lies, lies! Increased government spending sends us deeper into the hole. That's the opposite of the cure and these corrupt government people bloody well know that.

GEORGIA GOVERNOR hopefuls are "already kicking into gear with more than a year to go until the primaries next summer." This is shameful and destructive to our whole political system and freedom. With Obama, et al, we had nearly three years of campaigning when we should have had no more than three WEEKS campaigning. A smart and ambitious pol wanting to be Georgia governor should announce he will begin his active campaign three weeks prior to the primary voting day. Then he should stick to that promise. Odds are a whole lot of voters would thank him for it.

THE ELEPHANT PARTY is not welcome in Augusta and next time arrange your Tea Party protest in Columbia County.

OBAMA'S ATTORNEY GENERAL would like to imprison Bush's legal advisers about a definition of torture. Clearly, Obama is at least dreaming about later jailing Bush, himself. But has Obama considered that, once such an unconstitutional and criminal idea gets used, the president who follows Obama could very likely imprison Obama?

A BIG RAVE FOR Tony at O'reilly's in North Augusta. Thanks for your help!!