Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RICHMOND DEPUTIES, get tough with litter bugs. The people who leave the drive-through restaurants on Walton Way litter Harrisburg. Please give those tacky trashers stiff fines. We love our gentrifying neighborhood.

IT IS A SHAME that we have to depend on a pandemic to do what the liberal, Democrat Congress would not do: control our borders.

RANT TO THOSE who dine out and refuse to tip your server a reasonable amount. Shame on you! Stay home if you can't afford to tip. We know who you are, you order water with lemon and add your drink mix. You run us to death then complain the food isn't right (we don't cook so don't blame us ). Please, don't come in with a party of 16 and expect us to turn into your "party host" for 2 hours ... Chuck E. Cheese has those services. And please, when you are done ... don't take up my table for another 30 minutes ... I have to turn my table as many times as possible. While you may get a bad server from time to time, remember, you've had bad days, too! It could be just a bad day for them as well. So spare me the retaliation rants about poor service, tell their manager ... corrective criticism only makes people better, at anything!

A RANT TO THE PERSON who dumped a whole truckload of trash at the end of Fothergill Drive in Bartram Trail. This is a neighborhood -- not your personal dump. Are you man enough to come back and clean up your mess?

RANT TO THE OFFICER on Bobby Jones on April 27, noon. Traffic was backed up, down to one lane. The people in the right lane were doing their best to get over, but for some reason, the people in the left lane didn't want to give up their spot. When you turn your lights on, in the middle of stopped traffic, we weren't sure if there was a true emergency, or you were just pulling someone over. Then you got on your bullhorn, yelling "get out the way." As if we were all sitting in the right lane with our blinkers on just to look pretty. If we could get out the way, we would get out the way. Then you sped off, spinning a wheel, into the dirt of the construction and stopped midways and did ... well, nothing. Not sure what your objective was Mr. Officer. But your attitude, was atrocious.

RANT TO THE CHRONICLE for publishing some of the remarks sent to Rants and Raves. People talking to their friends about how they feel and what they are doing don't fit into this section.

THIS IS A RAVE for the RCSD for finally cracking down on the speeders on Glenn Hills Drive. This is still a neighborhood and the speed limit is still 35 mph not 90 mph!

WE ARE NEW subscribers to the Augusta Chronicle and live on Pine Needle Drive which is in Harlem and I want to rave about our carrier what a great job he/she is doing. Kudos!!!