Extra master plan to cost $500,000

John Shields, a former principal partner with Boston-based ICON Architecture Inc., says another master plan picking up where the last one left off will cost about $500,000, according to City Administrator Fred Russell.


In March the Augusta Commission charged Mr. Russell with negotiating a fee with ICON for a master plan covering everything not included in the downtown plan sponsored by Augusta Tomorrow, which cost $275,000 and was unveiled earlier this year. It conceived of an estimated $1.5 billion in projects for Augusta and North Augusta during the next 20 years.

Commissioners said they want the next one to focus on south Augusta, though it would include west Augusta, too.

The board will consider a contract with Shields Design LLC at Tuesday's meeting, and Mr. Russell said he hopes to negotiate down the proposed contract amount.

Augusta, North Augusta and private donors shared the downtown plan's costs. Commissioners have said they hope south Augusta's private industries and employers, along with the cities of Hephzibah and Blythe, will contribute to the next one.

Mr. Shields would work with ICON to refine the Planning Commission's 2009 Comprehensive Plan, according to Mr. Russell.

He would draw up plans for five large "neighborhood planning areas" and eight "prototype projects."

The project would start in May or June and take 14 months to finish.

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An update on the current master plan for downtown Augusta and North Augusta.