Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A BIG RAVE to the lady that found my hand bag in the shopping cart at the Target store in Evans. Thank you! Thank you! It's nice to know that some people are honest and trustworthy. May God watch over you today and always.

OBAMA DECLARES a public health emergency, re: swine flu. Politicians love to "declare" things for at least three reasons: 1. it boosts their egos; 2. it frightens citizens; and 3. that fear lets politicians steal more unconstitutional power from the people.

RAVE FOR BRENDA at Target on Robert C. Daniel. You have outstanding customer service.

PUBLIC SCHOOL geniuses will add new classes, like "child-care development" and "pre-K." Those were once taught by parents, at home. And it worked.

GOD BLESS THE whole world -- NO Exceptions.

RANT TO THE City of Augusta Utilities Department and/or the Augusta Canal Authority, for not taking the opportunity, while the canal is drained, to remove the automobile that is on its roof in the canal. The automobile looks like it has been there for years. I guess it must be a part of the "charm" of the canal.

WARS, RUMORS OF wars, earthquakes, men's hearts failing, pestilence (bird flu, pig flu) ... it is all a prelude. Read the Book: don't be left behind.

TO ALL THOSE opposed to waterboarding and other means of gathering the enemies' information. When they break down your door, bomb your workplace, kill your friends, remember that you are just as guilty as they are when you oppose the only things that can get their information.

SECRETARY OF something-or-other Napolitano said border officials are watching out for people entering the U.S. who look like they might be sick. In the same statement, she said a person can have swine flu for two or three days before any symptoms show up. So, how do these expert border officials spot sickness when the victim can't even spot it? Did Sec. Whatzits learn medicine from the Chicago Al Capone political school of medicine?

THIS IS FOR THE GIRL who drives the little yellow day-care bus. For the safety of the children, please get off the phone and slow down!

THIS IS A RANT to those who have deemed being American and Christian as an exclusive term reserved only for those who share your exact opinions and beliefs. Please forgive my un-American and anti-Christian ignorance for missing that Amendment of the Bill of Rights or chapter of the Bible.