Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


GEORGIA HAS GOT to be the most lenient in the whole U.S. when it comes to noise pollution. I can take an occasional burst of a boom box, but a straight exhaust should not be allowed.

I'M CALLING IN reference to Cross Creek High School's prom Saturday night. My niece is a senior at Cross Creek, and she would not enjoy her prom because of some of the students dancing in there. She said they were dancing very vulgar and that it was just horrible.

RANT FOR roads and bridges in Columbia County and all the counties in Georgia. If they would spend more time fixing the shoulders of the road, then we wouldn't have quite as many deaths on the highway. Some of the roads are four and five inches from the dirt, and when you get off, it's goodbye, because you cannot get back up on there.

METRO SPIRIT HAS got a lot of nerve talking down your newspaper. That's the cheesiest little newspaper I've ever read. They are lucky it's free because nobody would want to buy it.

RAVE FOR THE Young Republicans who put on the tea party in Augusta. I enjoyed the event and the speakers. I'm just sorry more people from Augusta did not attend. Of course, if I lived in a Section 8 home, was on welfare getting free Medicare and free food stamps, I probably would have stayed home, too.

A RANT CLAIMS President Obama spent more in eight weeks than President Bush did in eight years. This person seems to have forgotten the tremendous debt that George Bush has left for generations to come.

TO THE SOMALI PIRATES wrecking the economy: If they want to play by old-timey rules, maybe they should be punished the same way. Take them out to the middle of the ocean and make them walk the plank.

HERE WE GO AGAIN, taxpayers. Hey Deke, we knew you would get your way by building the stadium. Build it and they will come -- I don't think so.

NO WONDER THE Somali pirate was smiling as he was brought to the United States. He will probably get rehab, a government check and free health care.

RANT TO ALL THOSE people who are following Newt Gingrich. Have you forgotten that he is just a big fat adulterer?

YOU ALREADY USE MY tax dollars to help feed the needy and repave messed-up roads. Now how about using some of my tax money to build something I really want: a baseball stadium downtown. What's wrong with that?

I CALLED IN NOT long ago and left a rant about the reckless teenagers driving like a bunch of hooligans on Pine Log Road in Aiken. Now it turns out a young woman was killed while walking down Pine Log Road. Maybe if the local law enforcement would do their jobs and actually watch the people driving on Pine Log Road, this sort of tragic accident would not happen.