Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THANK YOU, North Augusta Public Safety, and Aiken County Sheriff's Office for getting a thug off of the streets. Keep up the good work for our communities!!

PLEASE PAINT the lane lines on Lumpkin Road. If the machine is broken, get it fixed with our tax dollars.

THIS IS A RAVE to Harrisburg. It was once a beautiful area. I have been through that area several times, and it looks like someone is working on getting the place back to what it used to look like. I raised my family in Harrisburg years ago, and we all moved away. If the area keeps getting a makeover, I may just move back and help with the cleanup.

ANY IDIOT can make war -- peace is difficult.

I DON'T HATE Obama because he is black. I dislike him because he doesn't care about God, this nation or the people in this nation. These three things are supposed to be the main concerns of a leader.

I THINK IT'S TIME we quit putting our kids through all these pointless and ridiculous tests at school. The CRCT should be scrapped altogether, and they should measure students' progress by how well they are doing in the classroom.

THIS IS A WAKE-UP call to all the people around North Augusta. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had our own permanent farmer's market open every day. There's plenty of vacant spaces from the old Kroger store all the way up past Interstate 20.

LISTEN TO THE loyal fans who attend the baseball games. A downtown stadium will be wasted money.

I JUST WANT to say I wonder how many ballgames our mayor has attended. I also want to say I'm against the downtown ballpark. We love the place where it is. It's very enjoyable.

NO WONDER the people in other countries like President Obama. He talks as bad about this country as they do.

RICHMOND COUNTY needs to come and take care of a road. On the corner of Lumpkin Road and Richmond Hill Road there's a great big pothole. If somebody got caught in it they could break their car to pieces or have an accident.

I SURE HOPE that North Augusta streets and drains, especially the paving outfit, gets some stimulus money. Maybe they can repair all the potholes in North Augusta, especially those on Courtney Drive. Actually, it's time for Courtney Drive to be repaved. It's been some time ago.