Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A HUGE RANT to these impatient, selfish people that expect the office of the president to cure all their woes in four months. Get a life and try to help yourself. We live in a democracy. Taxes make the country run. I don't see anyone demonstrating about starving people or fifth-graders that can't read or do math because of lazy parents.

RANT TO Commissioner Betty Beard, who represents the Harrisburg area. Look at the work you did on Laney-Walker. Why can't you invest in the Harrisburg section? Street lights on Crawford Avenue and Eve Street (like the ones that line Laney-Walker) would help this neighborhood greatly. These two streets go from Walton Way down to Broad Street, where the Kroc Center is to be built, and the lights would make a big statement.

OUR PRESIDENT goes before Europeans and now Latin Americans and blames the U.S. for most of the ills of the world and then promises "new growth funds" (with U.S. tax dollars). His new friends Castro, Chavez and Ortega are long-time socialists and can teach him much -- he did say, "I have a lot to learn."

THIS IS A HUGE rave to the nice ladies who work at the Motor Vehicle Department down on Laney-Walker Boulevard. I had to go down there to get plates for my car, and they were wonderful. They were very pleasant and took care of me in a very timely manner. Keep up the good work.

TO UNEDUCATED PEOPLE trying to jump on Obama for paying respects to leaders of other countries: Study cultures and psychology. The latter will show you that Obama is not kowtowing to anyone, but merely paying respect and showing proper diplomacy and courtesy to leaders of other countries. There is nothing wrong with that.

ELECTED REPUBLICANS and young Republicans are still tongue-tied over the immensity of what transpired in the November election.

I WOULD LIKE to give a big rave to the Georgia State Patrol for helping out with The Best Dam bicycle ride on Sunday. They were there watching the motorists while over 300 bicyclists rode 60 to 100 miles around Clarks Hill. And I might add they stopped several motorists who did not yield to the bicyclists.

DEKE, YOU'RE jeopardizing this city's financial future for a minor league team that already has a perfectly good stadium. Is Cal Ripken threatening to move the team if he doesn't get a new stadium? Ask the taxpayers, Deke. They're the ones that put you in office. The way you are taking the choice away from us is wrong.

A RAVE TO Matthew (our newspaper carrier) for the note he left in our paper regarding our Sunday delivery. Thanks for showing that you cared!