Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I WANT TO GIVE a big old rave to the maintenance man Tommy at Pendleton King Park. He's really got that place looking good.

THIS IS A RANT for the people who run the stop sign at Lake Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue in North Augusta. Please slow down and stop at the stop sign. North Augusta Public Safety needs to wake up and send a policeman out there to write tickets.

THIS RANT IS in regard to the opening GreenJackets game. I believe it's inexcusable to have a nonworking scoreboard on opening day. Please have this problem addressed.

Odd that the Augusta "Law Department" found no conflict of interest in Dr. Frank Carl running two outfits, one the Augusta Port Authority and the other a greener outfit called Savannah Riverkeeper Inc. The port authority, presumably, requires a nonpolitical point of view, while the greeners prefer a completely political point of view, despite what they might say to the contrary.

TO THE PERSON ranting about the deputy sitting in his car at Stevens Creek and Washington roads during Masters Week: You need to get your glasses checked. Did you not see the cable from the signal light box running in the window of the patrol car? That's how the deputy was controlling traffic.

UNFORTUNATELY, not everyone down here is a "Southern Christian." Some might claim to wear that badge but really aren't Christians, or they wouldn't act or talk the way they do.

REPLY TO RANT against the Columbia County Young Republicans: George Bush is no longer president. What the Young Republicans did or did not do is not relevant now. President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress are in charge now. Maybe too many people were distracted by issues in Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush was president. And to answer your question with a question -- where were the Young Democrats with their tea parties when Bush was in office?

THIS IS A RANT for whoever cut the grass and weeds on the right of way on Sawmill Trail in the Mill Branch subdivision in Grovetown: All the dead grass you left in the road looks worse than if you had just left the grass and weeds uncut. If you're going to cut it, clean up the mess left behind.