Dinosaur Jr. films video in Augusta

Rainier Ehrhardt/Staff
Videographer Mike Manzoori films members of the rock band Dinosaur Jr. during a music video shoot at Riverwalk Augusta. The band performed Tuesday night at Sky City downtown.

Dinosaur Jr. rolled into Augusta on Tuesday with the expected accoutrement of a touring rock band -- amps, guitars and a big purple bus. This time, however, a team of trick-flipping, bike- riding, skateboarding specialists came along.


Between unloading at Sky City and the soundcheck, the band, a camera crew and professional BMX and skateboard riders made up to look like the musicians prowled Augusta.

They were filming footage for the video for Over It , a song off the band's new album, Farm , set for release June 23.

Footage was shot at a variety of downtown locations, including Riverwalk Augusta and Ellis Street.

Brian Schwartz, the band's manager, said the video is meant to appeal to the skate and BMX communities, two of Dinosaur Jr.'s core audiences, along with the more general fan.

"The idea is to make a great video for a great song that will appeal to a variety of audiences," he said.

The economy also influenced the creative process.

"It is comparatively inexpensive," he said.

The video is being shot by Mark Locke, who has extensive music video experience, and Mike Manzoori, who specialized in skate and BMX footage.

Professional skateboarder Kyle Leeper was brought in to double for guitar player J Mascis. He said he couldn't pass up the chance to go on the road with Dinosaur Jr.

"Are you kidding me?" he said. "I mean, I'm a fan. I had to do it."

Watching his double, who a couple of hours earlier had shaved his head to match, Dinosaur Jr. drummer Murph said he sees the video as a collaboration.

"It is pretty funny," he said. "But they have their thing and I have mine. But we are both artists. We're pros at what we do."

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