Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT FOR your online posters in the Rants and Raves section. Instead of being cognizant human beings, you resort to name calling and hurtful tactics to try to prove you're smart and/or right. You squander your constitutional right by calling people fat, tramps, rapists, cheerleaders, tail tuckers, etc., instead of actually trying to debate the issues. It's your right to do so, but it is just sad to see freedom of speech wasted.

HOMELAND SECURITY Secretary Janet Napolitano backed a report defining "right-wing extremism" as "hate-motivated groups and movements, such as hatred of certain religions, racial or ethnic groups." It goes on to include people "dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration." An antiabortion person won't have to actually "hate" anybody, nor will that person have to be in any way "extreme." But Napolitano seems to be enthusiastic to help Obama get into a position to arrest anybody he wants to.

OUR TEACHERS are working during Christmas and summer breaks to supplement their income; police officers are working "specials" after being on duty all day or night to make ends meet; some children in the CSRA are going to bed hungry. Let's build a new baseball stadium! What does that say about society?

STOP THE STADIUM; repair the roads!

GAS HAS GONE UP 45 cents a gallon since Thanksgiving. Where are the protests? Where are the investigative reports? Where are the headlines? We are all a bunch of lemmings.

A RANT TO THOSE that continue to compare President Bush's spending with President Obama's. It was bad enough, but keep one thing in mind: It took President Bush eight years to spend all that money, yet President Obama tripled President Bush's spending in eight weeks.

FOR THE RANTER who declares President Obama didn't do anything and that Bush stood up for the people. Apparently, he/she has forgotten how the Bush Administration concealed the fact that we've been in a recession since 2007, invaded a sovereign country, starting a war of choice, and failed in his declaration to capture Osama Bin Laden. A convenient memory lapse?

TO THE PEOPLE bashing any attempts at communication with Cuba and other countries previously classified as "undesirable" in one way or another: A lot of former war enemies have proven that time and other experiences change people. Remember Japan from WWII? How about Russia? Now they are key allies in different worldwide negotiations.

I'M JUST CALLING to suggest that you put some intelligent rants in the paper.