Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


IT WOULD BE NICE if someone would invest some money in some hotels at the airport. Maybe some restaurants, too.

HIGHWAY 56 is almost beyond repair. Fix it now.

ABOUT OBAMA BASHING: touchy touchy. What went around came around.

Mark Sanford, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I bet you were embarrassed when you got on TV saying that you couldn't help those people affected by the weekend storm. That's what they expected you to do, to come survey the area. You said you couldn't help them because they had to have more than 100 victims in the area in order to help them. We have more than 100 people here.

WHY DO WE have turning lanes on certain streets if people don't use them? You can drive around Augusta all day long and come to a stop where somebody is going to make a left turn but will not use the turning lane. The person will continue to sit there and hold up traffic, waiting until the lane gets free, but won't turn into a turning lane.

THIS IS A RANT to the Columbia County Young Republicans. Why don't you have a tea party against former President Bush and his administration and the Republicans for the last eight years of taxes and wasteful spending? Also, doesn't Columbia County have an amphitheater? Why did you come to Richmond County?

AS I READ some of the editorials and letters to the editor, I am amazed at how very judgmental, hateful, angry and mean-spirited some of you good Southern Christians are.

CHILD CARE is eating up my paycheck! I can't stay home with my kids because we have to pay rent and car and utilities, etc., but I can hardly pay anything else because child care is so expensive.

OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN kept screaming "transparency," a euphemism that does not clearly mean open, honest and above board, but to the uninitiated ear sounds like it does. Never count on Obama or the left to be clear when they can be confusing. Now, despite his "transparency" claim, he and his administration are ordering big banks getting bailout money to "keep quiet" about their performance, even though it is with our money that they are or are not performing.

A RANT TO the inconsiderate couple who brought their 3- or 4-year-old to the movies in Evans on Sunday evening. He ran unattended during the movie from the time you came in until I got up and told him to go sit down and stood there until he did so. You brought a child who was too young to sit through a movie and let him disturb everyone else while you sat like "bumps on a log." I hope that you and your small child will stay home until all three of you grow up.