Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT to those people who run the stop signs driving too fast in front of Lowe's in North Augusta. They need speed bumps to slow people down.

OBAMA FIRST poured $13.5 billion of our tax money into General Motors. Now he's saying it has to go bankrupt. Clearly, it should have gone bankrupt before Obama poured your $13.5 billion down that drain.

THIS IS A RANT to parents dropping off/picking up kids at Belvedere Elementary who can't read a one-way sign. Maybe you need to enroll yourself back in school.

KUDOS TO Glenn Hills Elementary School for the great support at "Donuts for Dads." We started the CRCT week off with a large turnout of fathers supporting their kids.

I WANTED TO SEND a rave to The Chronicle not only for its great coverage but also my free paper every day of the Masters. I really enjoyed the paper each day.

Obama didn't do anything; it was the Navy that rescued the hostage. As far as Iraq, Bush stood up for the people of America; Obama hasn't yet. All he and the media are concerned with is Obama getting a dog.

OBAMA SAYS he wants to open doors to Cuba "as a path to promoting personal freedom in the communist nation." Communist nations, by definition, never have personal freedom.

TO THE PERSON that's bashing Obama: Why didn't you run for president?

HOW CAN PEOPLE move into a rented house in a quiet neighborhood and immediately start playing their loud music and disturbing everyone and the sheriff's department acts like they're scared to say anything to them. They need to give them a ticket for disturbing the peace.

ANY REASON why the sheriff didn't have an officer at the intersection of Stevens Creek and Washington Road during Masters Week? A deputy sat in his car while the intersection became jammed between light changes. Can we fix that next year?

AMERICA NEEDS to realize that we are a country of laws dealing with a world where many don't even respect human life. Our "established" military rules of engagement have just allowed the U.S. to be held hostage by four pirates for five days! If the military on site were allowed to perform the duties it is trained for it would have been over the first night.