Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS RAVE is for Butch Palmer. Mr. Palmer's message about cleaning up Harrisburg is working. Slowly but surely, Harrisburg's population is becoming more upwardly mobile. Keep it up, Mr. Palmer.You symbolize the mighty bastion of decency in Harrisburg.Thank you for setting proper community standards.

THIS IS TO the person in the little red sporty car. You ran the red light because you were not paying attention and obviously speeding. To keep from hitting me, you went into oncoming traffic and ended up in the parking lot of Wachovia bank on Peach Orchard Road. I pulled behind you and got your tag number, and when I pulled alongside you to confront you, you wouldn't even look at me. You could have hurt very badly or killed a lot of people with your careless driving.

I FEEL BAD for the truck driver killed recently on I-20. Readers need to understand that though some trucks can run fast, the majority are governed (most at 65 mph or less). We also have brakes on all wheels, but that doesn't mean we can stop 80,000 pounds on a dime.

THIS IS A GREAT BIG rave for the Aiken County Sheriff's Department, all the emergency service personel, the employees of SCE&G and all the volunteers all over our area for a job well done during and after the tornado on Friday. Thank you all.

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Ruth Bader Ginsburg has gone bonkers. She insists that the U.S. court can make its decisions based on laws from foreign countries. Clearly, even Alabama doesn't base its court's decisions on Georgia laws, or vice versa. So how can this U.S. judge believe such nonsense?

THE CORPS OF ENGINEERS says it'll need $20,000 to do an "assessment" on Lake Thurmond/Clarks Hill. The lake is a giant water puddle. Giant water puddles have existed ever since water. The country is broke, but the Corps wants to spend more. Doesn't the Corps of Engineers already get paychecks and have operating money from our taxes? Why does it claim to need more?

THE RANTER who said our current commander-in-chief was too much of a wimp to handle the Somali pirates sure made a fool of himself. Our new president will authorize the use of force only when needed, unlike our previous president and his cohorts, who were loose cannons.