Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RAVES TO the Augusta National and its members and all non-members that assist with the huge challenge of bringing the Masters Tournament to Augusta. Many people may not realize what it does for the CSRA economy. Great job. Keep it going.

A RANT FOR our present administration, This is the worst darn president we've had since Jimmy Carter.

A RANT TO VISIONLESS Augusta. I'm sitting at a riverside cafe in Savannah, marveling at this city with its beautiful squares and architecture, and wondering how a city like Augusta, once an important port on the same river, became such a boring little blight. Then I see the Masters on the TV and how beautiful "The Garden City" could be if its citizens could get past all the hang-ups and self-imposed roadblocks.

THIS IS A RAVE for District 6 Commissioner Joe Jackson. He is great. I have called him a couple of times with issues in Richmond County, and I have received results within the hour. Thanks for all your hard work.

I WOULD LIKE to know when the Richmond County Sheriff's Department is going to enforce the speed limit and red light running at Augusta Tech and Glenn Hills Drive.

RANT AND DOUBLE RANT to President Obama. He was asked by a reporter about the current hostage situation in the Indian Ocean but chose not to give an appropriate answer.

THE SOMALI PIRATES' attack on a United States merchant freighter was the first since 1804. They would never dare do this under Bush. Give me a rootin' tootin' straight shootin' commander-in-chief cowboy over the wimp we now have in the White House!

PEOPLE WANT to give the mayor a raise? Are you nuts? Our city employees are out in the rain and cold and heat and we ain't had a raise in years and we live paycheck to paycheck and you want to give the mayor a raise? How about giving us one. Get rid of these high paying people. Just like the CEOs. We're the ones doing the work, not the mayor and department heads.

THIS IS A RANT to the person who says Obama has done more in 80 days than has been done in eight years. Outside of spending us into bankruptcy, just name one thing he has completed.

SHAME ON National Hills Shopping Center for blocking out neighborhood residents during Masters Week but allowing speeding "hospitality" vans to fly up Northwood and zoom through the shopping center. Our patronage is good enough all year, but come Masters Week we are forced to fight the traffic on Washington Road just to get to the grocery store.