Child molester receives 5-year prison sentence

An Augusta man was sentenced to prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to child molestation in Brunswick, Ga.


William Archer Stulb, 24, formerly of Lombardy Court, was given a five-year prison term followed by 10 years' probation by Superior Court Judge E.M. Wilkes III of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Miller said Thursday.

Mr. Stulb, who was previously convicted of statutory rape in Columbia County, was arrested in June and accused of molesting an 11-year-old girl on Sea Island, Ga.

Last year, Superior Court Judge Duncan Wheale rescinded the sentence he had imposed on Mr. Stulb after his 2005 conviction. That sentence included 10 years on probation and, because of a 2006 change in the law, a requirement to register as a sex offender.

Judge Wheale resentenced Mr. Stulb in early June under the First Offender Act to avoid the registration requirement.

The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled in March that Judge Wheale did not have the authority to resentence Mr. Stulb and reinstated his original sentence.

Assistant District Attorney Hank Syms said his office could request a probation revocation hearing, but Mr. Syms said all aspects of the case must be explored before making that decision.

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