Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I RECEIVED the $60 stimulus bonus in my check this month. My question is, "Were my taxes actually lowered by $60 a month, or will I be expected to pay back the $600 next April?" Knowing Democrats as I do, I'm sure Barack and his cronies are going to want it back with interest.

WE SHOULD CHANGE Tubman Middle School into a school for children who actually want to learn and do not require all of the disciplinary enforcement. Richmond County is cheating our good kids by forcing them to school with hardcore knuckleheads.

CORPORATE TAXES should be lowered. Corporate taxes are, in fact, double taxation. The corporation pays taxes, then sends dividends to share holders who have to pay again; thus the corporation, i.e., the owners, pay twice. Only government could have invented that con job.

GOVERNMENT HAS never run big organizations well. In fact it only runs things into the ground. Even though we used to win wars, until the Korean War, we generally did fairly well with the military; but we won those wars because our military screwed up less than our enemies. Now another terrific example of government run orgs pops up. The Social Security system is "clogged with hundreds of thousands of disputed disability claims, a backlog so big that some people wait years for a hearing."

TO THE NORTH AUGUSTA resident driving Broad Street from 13th Street to Milledge Road: You are so right! It needed repaving much more than Washington Road. Washington Road had no potholes. Broad Street is a disgrace! I just don't understand it.

HUGE RANT to Richmond County. Last time I checked, Wrightsboro Road was in far worse shape than Washington Road. Why is Wrightsboro not getting repaved? I hydroplaned from North Leg to Highland.

THE LAW STATES that when it is raining, headlights must be turned on. You who are driving without headlights may think you look cool, but you are waiting to cause an accident because you cannot be seen through the rain and mist. Also, turn signals are not defective lights that blink; they are there to warn other drivers of your intent to turn or change lanes.

HEADLINE: "(SC) Educators (and parents) slam bailout stance (by Sanford)." Sadly, this shows the ignorance of a lot of teachers and parents, since while they say Sanford must take federal dollars as a "bailout" they are also telling him to hand over control of their students and children to the federal government.

PRESIDENT OBAMA hasn't been in office for six months yet. Give the man a break. Three months is hardly enough time to turn the economy around.