Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A BIG RAVE for the employees of New Peking Restaurant on Washington Road. My mother fell coming out of there. This was after we had met some friends of ours for lunch. I wanted to thank them for helping with my mom, getting her a chair, calling the ambulance etc., and also thanks to the lady that was a nurse. Mom was checked out at the ER and is home resting. God bless all of you. Thanks.

IRAN'S GOVERNMENT kidnapped dozens of American diplomats and never even admitted doing wrong. Now Obama goes groveling to the same wacked-out government begging for talks. He even sent a special envoy to meet with one of the wackos in Holland. With such a conniving coward for a president, what can be in store for us except loss?

DO THE RESIDENTS of "upper Harrisburg" and "lower Summerville" both attend the Harrisburg West End Neighborhood Association meetings? One would think it prudent since they live across the street from each other.

MARYLAND LAWMAKERS want to change their historic official state song because it's no longer politically correct enough. They want to leave out "warlike" words. Every day our politically correct politicians tug us toward more inane stuff, and this laughable stuff clearly wants to leave history out of our history.

A RANTER SAYS anti-Obama Americans want the GOP back in power. Grow up, ranter. Any sensible American wants Bush and Obama, Republicans and Democrats out of the picture. Both big parties have proven they are in the same boat.

FREEDOM-HATING PEOPLE are spread among various American governments so that, little by little, they will enact absurd laws that will quietly set us up to be forced into a police state. Washington state has new laws making citizens criminals because they choose to drive out of state to buy dish-washing detergent. The government claims those detergents are dangerous for the environment.

THIS IS A RANT to West Hills subdivision residents with dogs: Do you not hear them barking at all hours, or are you ignorant or hard of hearing?

TO THE THIEVES who broke into my truck: I'm so disappointed that I have to work hard and all you do is steal. You couldn't take my radio but instead you take my camera and credit cards and use them. Why? All I want is my personal stuff back, without putting you in jail. Thanks to all the blood you left and fingerprints.

RANT ABOUT WATER IN Augusta: Two times I have dined out and noticed a "dirt" taste when I ordered water. I thought it was just me.