Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RAVE to the lady at Lifeway Christian Store who paid my $1 balance. I was embarrassed, and you stepped up and helped me out. God bless you. When given the chance I will pay it forward.

IT'S TIME for harsher anti-litter enforcement. There is entirely way to much trash in this city. Time to hire four or five unmarked litter police officers to write tickets to these slobs. Maybe paying a $200-$300 fine would convince folks not to litter.

IF EVERYBODY in this country were taxed as unfairly as tobacco users, we would have another revolution. But, don't worry. They'll get to you, eventually.

NOTICE THAT WHEN boarding the presidential helicopter Obama returns the salute given by the Marine guard. If Obama had ever done his duty in the military he would know that civilians don't return salutes.

I WOULD LIKE to thank the two people who left the empty can and bottle in my yard. The can had contained a cheap, horrible malt liquor, while the bottle bore the name of a rather expensive British ale. You have reinforced my hypothesis that economic circumstances do not necessarily equate with class, something you both lack in equal measure.

THERE ARE STILL Republicans in high office, not the White House, but senators, representatives, governors. They can clearly see that Obama's plan to take more authority over business is unconstitutional. Does that make all of the pols in cahoots?

YOU KEEP disregarding my comments about bringing department stores back downtown. Bring places like Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target downtown. There's where we need the business, instead of out in the middle of nowhere.

DOES ANYONE besides my wife and me wonder why the AARP, the organization that is supposed to look out for the well-being of senior citizens, supports President Obama's move towards socialized medicine? All seniors need to know that every country that has socialized medicine -- including Britain, Canada, Germany and all of the communist countries -- discriminates against seniors. Many seniors with easy-to-treat medical problems end up dying waiting in line for medical care because the government rations medical services.

HAVE YOU EVER noticed that term limits for politicians are only mentioned when the GOP has lost?

I'M SO SICK of the Republican Party. For eight years they sat mute and allowed President Bush to ruin this country and went along with everything he said and did. Now that we have a Democratic president they have found their voice and can tell him what he needs to do and how the country should be run. If they did that with our last president we wouldn't be in this mess so much.