Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


I DON'T BELIEVE that President Obama is an empty sack, but even if he is he's much better than the one we just had in office.

AT EVERY CHANGE of the traffic light at Bobby Jones and Washington Road, autos coming off Bobby Jones run the red light. Is the sheriff's department waiting for more deaths before ticketing?

I KNOW THAT money is tight in the school systems right now, but I would gladly hold some fundraisers to make sure that there are defibrillators in every gym out there. I don't know if North Augusta Middle has one or if it would have helped in this situation, but as a mom my heart is so full of empathy for the Fox family. Please know that there are people out there who feel for you and pray for you at this time.

A HUGE RANT to all the drivers cruising in the left lane. The left lane is for passing. Get over!

SO I JUST finished watching American Idol, and I think I'm going to see the new Osbourne variety show next. Then there is a ticker at the top of the screen that says Fox 54 will not air it because it "does not meet our community family standards." What?

RANT TO FOX TV for taking off the Osbournes and replacing them with a TMZ show talking about Star Trek porn. I heard more adult language and subject matter from TMZ than anything bleeped out on the Osbournes. Get off your moral high horse, Fox. If parents don't want the kids watching Ozzy, they can use something called the remote -- just like I did when TMZ came on instead.

THIS IS A RAVE to Fox 54 for not airing the new TV show Osbournes: Reloaded. We appreciate you taking a stand against this vile show.

I JUST WANTED to let the students of Harlem High know how proud I am of them. Not only did they plan a memorial service for their friend, who died tragically, they were very well behaved. It was nice to see the good in these teenagers. They put their differences aside as they came to mourn their friend.

ALL YOU PEOPLE who plan to protest at the tea party on April 15: Go ahead and protest the $1.6 billion earmarked for SRS. That's 3,000 jobs that will be created for our area. Do we really need 3,000 jobs in this economy?

EVERY DAY another news story about the total confusion of the Coliseum Authority. This is typical of anything governmental. Has government ever done anything that was anything but confusion?

THIS IS A RANT about "saggy" pants. It looks like people would have enough self-respect to want to look decent, but self-respect has to be taught at home first. When the parents don't care, the kids don't care.