Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT for all the nasty car commercials that come on that are blaring and real loud and screaming. Now they've got one that sounds like guns being fired. Also, a rant for the nasty greasy hamburger commercials. America's fat enough already. You don't have to be advertising food like that to eat. It looks disgusting.

OBAMA WENT to Europe with 550 people. What kind of insane waste of money is that, and why? Obama has gone mad for power; every day it's worse. And nobody does a darn thing about it, so he's happy as a pig in mud.

WHEN IS AIKEN COUNTY going to do something about all the eyesores that exist along Highway 1, especially the dumpy looking areas that you see as you get closer to Aiken. I can imagine some of the people coming to the area to visit for the Masters will just look along the highway and think that we live in a shanty town.

IF SRS IS getting all this money, why is it only generating about 3,000 jobs? This seems like a small number of jobs to me. For more than $1 billion there should be more jobs coming here than that.

THANK YOU to the gentleman that saw me struggling to put a 50-pound bag of dog food in my truck at the Wal-Mart in Evans and stopped to help me out. Southern gentlemen are still out there. You have no idea what kind of day I was having before that moment, and your single act of kindness turned my whole outlook around.

I AM TIRED of watching people get away with breaking the law. I guess a child will have to die on my street before the authorities will actually do something.

RANTER ASKS: "How would it help ... if the president failed?" When a president (or any pol) works toward the destruction of our liberty, that means he pretends to work to support our freedom, but he is actually working to enslave us. That's how it would help President Obama to fail. His motives are sinister, and that's the nicest way to describe his goals.

IT'S A TRAGEDY when a young person dies, no question. Is it not also a tragedy when normal adults -- teachers and parents -- are not considered capable of "counseling" students when a school mate dies? Instead, in these insane days, somebody insists on bringing in government, "emergency counseling teams." How far have we fallen?

CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN why there are stop signs at every crosswalk at the Augusta Regional Airport now instead of signs telling you to stop for pedestrians? It's ridiculous having to stop so many times when you are dropping someone off or picking them up.