Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


YOU CAN TELL how old you're getting by how many pills you take in the morning to start the day.

TO THE RANTER wanting to know why people have to have an assault rifle in their house. Why is it her business what we have in our house? If you aren't planning on invading our house, you'll never know what we have. So you worry about what's in yours, and I'll worry about what's in mine.

IT JUST SHOWS how dumb the Democrats are when the best they have to offer to lead their party are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

THIS IS IN REGARD to the GreenJackets' stadium. I say leave it where it is and stop trying to relocate it. Reopen some department stores that have closed and put some new department stores downtown. Downtown is dead, and we need to bring it back by putting more department stores down there.

THERE MAY BE a lot of churches in this area, but I don't see many people working to help people who are poor and hungry. Right now people need help more than ever. I think churches need to be working to help people.

A BIG RAVE for Ms. Sandy on Richmond County school bus 236. She's a great bus driver and always dependable. Love her!

HERE'S A BIG RANT to the employee who left my employment without notice for another job, leaving not only me but the rest of my staff to make up for your sudden departure. Then you decide to add insult to injury by trying to cause me even more problems. The person you really hurt most is yourself.

TO THE PERSON(S) who abandoned four little boxer puppies in front of Heartsong Spay/Neuter Clinic this morning: May your act of sheer cowardice return to haunt you a hundredfold.

A RANT FOR Aiken County School Board, which says that we have to be one of the fastest-improving systems in the country to meet our goals by 2010. They then cut programs, teachers and increase class sizes to achieve this. Yeah, that will work.

I RUN ALONG Mullikin Road about three or four times a week, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. There is one constant: People drive way too fast. The speed limit is 30 mph. Our community should be ashamed that this is the case less than a year since Christian Giles' death.

I WOULD LIKE to address the guys and gals that run on Mullikin Road. We have put a sidewalk on the side of the road to keep from hurting people. They still insist on running on the road instead of the sidewalk. I think that is very immature, and I believe that the Columbia County cops should give tickets to those who are running on the road. This is for their safety, and apparently they don't care.