Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS NEITHER A RANT nor a rave, but I'm just wondering if anybody feels as stupid as I do for voting for Mr. Obama.

A CALLER CLAIMS OBAMA will bring the U.S.A. to its knees. George W. Bush has already accomplished this.

TO TAXPAYERS: We need to get rid of those commissioners. They don't know how to run Augusta. Please vote no on the special purpose local option sales tax in June.

THE FDIC'S SEIZURE of the old White's Building in downtown Augusta is an example of how Obama (and Bush before him) is working, double-time, to destroy any semblance of a free economy/country. (Excellent and informative story by Tim Rausch.) The FDIC screwed the deal up, then came back and said it'll take them years to straighten out their mess; so the investors -- and Augusta -- get robbed.

A RAVE TO THE STAFF of 5-West at Doctors Hospital. I was recently a patient on 5-West, and I had extremely good care. Bravo. Keep up the good work.

THIS IS A RANT for all the people who need an assault rifle to be comfortable. I could understand a hunting rifle or shotgun, but an "assault rifle?" Why?

RAVE TO THE LADIES and gentlemen on the fifth floor of Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center. You might have been doing your job, but my wife and I appreciate how you did it: courteous, pleasant and friendly. Her stay, though trying, was made more enduring through your efforts.

EXCELLENT TO SEE KIDS exercising, and for all but one good reason. The wrong reason is to build "self-esteem." To glorify self-esteem is to denigrate humility. Consider -- if all our politicians were humble we would not be in the major trouble we find ourselves. Ultimately, arrogance will kill you.

KIDS EXERCISING is certainly something to work for. Ain't it amazing that kids used to do actual, productive work, and that gave them the exercise they needed. Do kids do any work nowadays? Little and rare.

WILLIAM FREY, demographer, claims modern Hispanics (meaning illegal immigrants from the Western Hemisphere) can't hack it in public schools without special help. He claims it's their immigrant status. If immigrant status causes these problems, why did the U.S. fill up with immigrants from Europe who had no such problems?

WITH ALL HIS terrible burn problems, Jaime Moser (Thursday's Augusta Chronicle ) is blessed to have a wife with a smile like that.