Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


THANK YOU FOR ALL the young men and women who are being taken or kicked out of school because they are gang members. Let them have their gang. It's called a chain gang.

I WOULD LIKE TO thank MCG for telling us how they made $5 million in the last seven months off of sick people.

THIS IS A RANT FOR everybody who voted for the stimulus bill. Do you know that you are only going to get $13 a week stimulus from this $870 billion stimulus bill. Wake up, America.

DIGITAL TV REALLY STINKS. They could have just left the TV like it was. I have the digital box, and I just really wish you could have just left everything like it was. Sometimes new isn't always better.

RYAN'S, PLEASE DON'T close your breakfast bar down. You have the best breakfast in town.

ONLY AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS: Hollywood stands up and cheers for a man who overdosed on drugs. My, my, what a country.

A HUGE RAVE to Scott Hudson and the First Saturday crew for helping make Augusta a true garden city.

BIG RANTS TO Mark Sanford. He's just so prejudiced that Obama is the president and he's not. He was the first one to come out against the stimulus and now these other governors are following his lead like a bunch of sad dogs.

RAVES FOR THOSE deputies who escort a funeral procession and also to those who stop as a symbol of respect.

RANT FOR THE NEW administration. Why did I bother to work, get an education, pay back my student loan, pay my mortgage and bills on time, serve my country, and never receive a dime of government money just to pay for those who are too dumb to read the contract they signed for a mortgage they could not afford?

WITH SO MANY RANTS being published, I would like to extend a rave for Teresa in the photo Department at Walgreen's on Peach Orchard and Windsor Spring roads.

APPARENTLY, SHOPPERS leaving Augusta Mall and turning onto Wrightboro Road can't read the sign that says 'DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION"! Yesterday, by the time all the cars cleared out of the intersection, cars coming out of Kroger Shopping Center had lost their green light. Have some consideration for somebody besides yourself!

A GREAT, BIG RAVE to Dr. Newton, RN Miss Bobbie, and all of the staff at Augusta Pediatric Associates. What a helpful, caring, compassionate group of individuals.