Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I THINK MICHAEL VICK should be traded to the Cleveland Browns. It would be interesting to see how the fans in their so-called "Dawg Pound" react to that.

OBAMA'S ALL about change, and I'm counting it right now.

A HUGE RAVE TO Heart and Vascular Center at University Hospital (and) to all the nurses and staff and my cardiologist Dr. Brent Edwards and his staff for all the care that was given to me in the past few days.

PRICE OF GAS HAS risen 10 cents a gallon in each of Barack Hussein Obama's first two weeks in office. At this rate, gas will cost $22.39 a gallon when he is finished "rebuilding the economy" in four years.

THE ACTIONS OF these people on the coliseum board are pathetic, ego-driven and worthless. They obviously have family of origin adult child issues. Make it mandatory that each must get psychological counseling.

RAVE, RAVE, RAVE! I don't believe it. The Augusta Chronicle printed a positive story concerning the use of a firearm. The story in point about Caleb Collins and his shooting ability. It was nice to show that all gun owners, users are not kill-crazy maniacs.

OBAMA IS WASTING no time in killing the U.S. economy. Along with his Marxist "bailout" bill, he's canceled energy leases that would have been used on land to drill for oil and natural gas.

CONGRESS TELLS LIES. The Ponzi guy tells lies, and now the peanut people are telling lies. Is there anybody out there that will tell us the truth?

IN REGARD TO the disabled lady that went to the movies and wanted to sit with her grandchild: I agree with her, and what's wrong with the ushers doing their job making sure that people who are not disabled aren't using those seats?

RAVE FOR THE CHRONICLE for bringing back The Lockhorns . Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I REALIZE IT'S A CHARITY, but First Tee is having Hootie and the Blowfish yet again to headline the event? Wouldn't it be nice to have somebody who has actually recorded an album in this decade?

RAVE FOR SEN. GRAHAM. He finally came to his senses to stand up for us.

THIS STIMULUS BILL is most embarrassing for Americans. We've elected these idiots and put them in the White House to run our country. None of them know what to do. They are totally at a loss.