State alerts companies to Augusta laptop theft

The Georgia Department of Revenue is issuing letters to 144 companies after a state employee's laptop computer was stolen from a car in Augusta last weekend.


An auditor for the department was inside Miyabi Kyoto Japanese Steak House on Augusta West Parkway on Sunday night when someone took the work laptop and $168 from the trunk of her vehicle, according to a Richmond County sheriff's report.

The laptop had tax information relating to the companies but nothing on individual taxpayers, according to Charles Wiley, a spokesman for the department. Mr. Wiley said the department has begun sending letters to the companies about the theft.

"We will be notifying the accounts that could possibly have been compromised just to alert them and to contact us if something out of the ordinary should occur," Mr. Wiley said.

He said the department is still trying to compile a full list of those affected.

Authorities said they are confident that whoever took the laptop will not be able to access its contents because it is password protected, he said.

"The information on the computer, we feel, is pretty secure," Mr. Wiley said. "You have to have an ID and password to gain access to the computer. We have also shut off all access, naturally, that it would have into our network."