Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THE CHRONICLE SHOULD bring back the live chats that it did a few months ago. The one with Coco and the editor of Columbia County News Times was great!

RAVES TO EUGENE Robinson for his thoughtful columns, and raves to The Chronicle editorial staff for running them.

HEY, WHOSE NEWSPAPER racks were in the canal? The long gone Augusta Focus ? I hope the city can cash them in for the metal costs.

IF WE'RE IN A recession, why are the lines so long in restaurants?

THIS BUM dope taker, A-Rod, is crying all the way to the bank.

ANY ENEMY WHO'S taught to kill is hardly somebody who needs an "apology." Mr. Jilani writes that Islam teaches the "great and powerful are humble." When did you last see a humble Islamic terrorist?

REP. PHIL GINGREY'S abject, molasses-mouthed apology to Rush Limbaugh is a metaphor for the hypocrisy of today's Republican right.

OUR COUNTRY IS at an all-time low because a long time ago, we started buying things made overseas so all the factories closed down and now the companies are hiring illegals because they work cheap and they also do cheap work.

BOO TO OBAMA opponents who want to label the stimulation package as charity. It's not about charity, not even for the big financial fat cats. It's about businesses that produce jobs, jobs, jobs.

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS is no longer about sports; it's about criminals who get paid millions.