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Bill aims to correct double-tax scenario


ATLANTA --- A new bill introduced to the House would keep property renters from paying taxes twice on rented equipment.

When property owners rent or lease equipment from a vendor, they are charged an ad valorem tax -- or added value tax -- based on the value of the equipment.

When equipment, such as a computer system, is leased, it usually is taxed annually with the ad valorem tax and billed to the user.

The problem with this tax is current law says if a leasing company collects and gives the ad valorem tax to the county, then it has to collect sales tax on the ad valorem tax, too.

House Bill 347 would prevent this scenario, as it makes consumers pay a tax on an existing tax.

Isakson announces 2010 re-election bid

ATLANTA --- U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson got an early jump on the 2010 election, announcing his bid for a second term.

Tuesday's state Capitol news conference was the first stop in a statewide tour for Mr. Isakson, an Atlanta real estate developer.

No Democrat has emerged to challenge him.

Instead, all eyes have been on the open governor's seat that will be up that same year.

"I think Isakson appears to be unbeatable at this point," Emory University political science professor Merle Black said Tuesday.

"He looks like a very tough incumbent and I think Democrats in the state know that."