Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


RANT TO THE person who hit my motorcycle in the DMV parking lot, breaking off my turn signal. Thanks to you I got a "failed equipment" mark and could not take my drivers test. I now have to spend $40 for a new light and take another day off from work to retake my test.

A HUGE RAVE to Dr. Steven Moore, his partners and the entire staff at Augusta Pediatric Associates. My children and I are blessed to have a such a wonderful bunch of caring, compassionate doctors and staff members.

RANTS TO KARIN Calloway's Quick Cooking, which should be retitled "Mexican Cooking."

SWIMMER MARK PHELPS "apologizes for drug photo." Just like modern politicians who're caught red handed, he apologizes for getting his picture taken but not for the (criminal) act of doing the drugs.

MONEY IS POWER. That is what the enormous "stimulus" plan is about -- Democrats buying votes for years to come with our and our children's money.

WE HAVE DOCUMENTATION of the rich, white families who owned slaves. Today's slave owner descendants need to contribute into a fund to be combined with government money to go toward Afro-American retributions.

I WOULD LIKE to send a rave to Donna Herron at CSRA Federal Credit Union for being very patient and polite.

WE HAVE A Manchurian president. He's just a puppet for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer. If you like the politics of California, then welcome to the United States as it's going to be in the future.

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE do not need another handout. They need jobs. We need a president like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This man did not depend on private industry, but lifted this country by creating jobs that not only put food on the table but bettered the country.

THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE has made my husband one happy guy. He missed the Lockhorns and complained every day. Thank you for putting them back in the paper.