Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


THE PROBLEM WITH sound on Channel 12 must be in your TV, because, I get good sound on Channel 12 on all five of my TVs.

A KID GRADUATES FROM public school or he flunks out. It's as simple as that. All this "rate" stuff is just to keep citizens confused and make school boards look good, no matter the true results of public education.

HEADLINE SPEAKS OF "gambling's good side." There is no "good side" to gambling. But don't try to tell political leaders that.

THERE ARE STILL GOOD, honest people in this world. Thank you to Mr. Rufus Frazier who found my cell phone in University Hospital's parking deck. Then took the time to contact me and leave it at the front desk. God Bless You!!!

I THINK THE REASON this country is in such a mess is because we have separated ourselves from God. We need to start the day by giving God our best and to be kind to our fellow man. God bless America.

THANK YOU TO ALL STAFF at University Hospital on the third floor who provided excellent care from beginning to end on the birth of our son, who is our blessing from above.

HERE'S GEORGE W. BUSH'S legacy to us suckers: Nearly 2.6 million jobs were lost over 2008, the highest yearly job-loss total since 1945. That's one heck of a thank you.

RAVE TO THE PIZZA JOINT. I had a delicious hot slice of pie there recently. And it was a big slice, too.

I AM SO GLAD THE Bush nightmare is finally over. Despite his incompetence, he deserves a lasting tribute to his name. Maybe we can name our next sewage treatment plant or landfill after him.

I AM SO SICK OF reading the criticisms of former President Jimmy Carter. He is a man of the finest character of any president we have ever had.

THIS IS A RANT. I was scammed by a lady selling black teacup Chihuahuas. I paid $100 deposit which was half. The dogs were to be ready Feb. 14. She has since moved and given me a false name. What has this world come to? My children and their dad and I are devastated. God have mercy on her soul.