Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


IF RICHMOND COUNTY wanted to sell those rundown schools for a huge profit, it should have let Marion Williams sell them. He knows how to sell real estate.

I DOUBT IF THE government's spreading the money around is going to help our problem. The financial advisers have tried this and it has not helped.

A PROPOSED LAW would "permit" regions to charge extra taxes for roadwork? No! Period! If Georgia needs roadwork, Georgia lawmakers must stop the abysmal waste in socialistic programs already being paid for. Then there'll be enough money to pay for roads.

RANT TO THAT auto dealership on Washington and Bobby Jones that has closed. It is a disgrace to see all those U.S. flags just flapping in the wind and getting raggedy.

WHY DON'T PEOPLE start acting like human beings. The president been in the chair for one week, and they want results. Bush was in for eight years and left all this mess.

A BIG RAVE for Nicole E. at The Olive Garden who provided us with outstanding customer service.

OBAMA DOESN'T WANT war, but he wants more American soldiers in Afghanistan. It must make sense to somebody ...

DUE TO THE DEGRADING quality of The Chronicle and since it no longer cares about what the readers want, it should go ahead and shut down! Print this, you jerks.

IF YOU STEP BACK and look at the number and diversity of the lawsuits against Augusta and the Purchasing Department, you would have to be a fool not to see that there is a big problem there. What are they trying to cover up? If everything is on the up and up, there should be no problem with any freedom of information requests. Correct?

I CAN HARDLY WAIT for my stimulus check to come. I'm going to buy a TV made in China, a car made in Japan, and I'm going to take a trip to Mexico. I hope "Barry Bucks" are good in Mexico.

THERE IS AN ANGEL flying around Augusta who watches over my two grandsons. Because of her, I sleep better in Florida. Thank you.

WHOSE SIDE IS (columnist Eugene) Robinson on? Mr. Robinson is on the side of those who abhor the slaughter of children, no matter what the cause.