Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I, FOR ONE, am just glad to see The Lockhorns are gone. They were old and dated and tired, and I would just ask that maybe the Argyle's Sweater be moved someplace where it's a little bit larger to read, cause it is kind of a large strip, and it's printed at about the size of a postage stamp.

RANT FOR THAT truck driver that almost ran over me on Highway 56. He tooted his horn so I went ahead and ran the red light so he didn't run into the back of me. Where are the police on Highway 56, and what's going on with these so-called professional drivers? Something needs to be done.

I DON'T AGREE with the person claiming George Bush did a good job. To me, his job performance is down there with Herbert Hoover's.

I'M SO TIRED OF reading about all the cigarette smokers crying like a baby. Don't you realize that cigarettes kill people? Why don't you wake up and smell the roses, or one day you'll be smelling the roses at your funeral.

TO THE PEOPLE RAVING about Bush for having a job well done, remember, the Sept. 11 attacks happened on his watch and he did have intelligence at the time.

OBAMA'S BEEN president a week and a half now, and I have yet to see any improvement in the economy.

I HAVE A RAVE FOR Mary Francis. She's our aide and she has taken beautiful care of us for years, and I would just like to let her know we love her.

I KNOW YOU WON'T print this, but if the so-called stimulus package passes, and the United States currency collapses, then the United States government will be overthrown.

I'M CALLING ABOUT THE Republicans. All they do is look after their pockets. Democrats are willing to sign for the stimulus package, but the Republicans don't want to do that. I think there's no good Republicans up there. They need to go ahead and sign it, because everybody's out of a job and they need their money. I think it's the best thing they can ever do.

IT'S A TERRIBLE, terrible shame that in most cases a person operating a motor vehicle and not wearing a seat belt has to lose their life to prove that they should have worn one, and the latest example is the police chief of New Ellenton.