Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I HAVE READ multiple letters complaining about rants actually getting posted in the Rants & Raves column. Here is a clue: If you don't like reading rants, don't read the column.

IT DOESN'T TAKE a brain surgeon to know how to turn off programmed sprinklers when it gets below freezing. Law enforcement should write tickets.

TERRORISTS SLAUGHTER innocents by the thousands, yet Eugene Robinson writes that fighting them with everything you've got is "more like overkill." Whose side is Robinson on?

EUGENE ROBINSON is a racist. His opinions are so left sided and hate filled that they do not deserve space in your paper.

STATE LEADERS PRETEND to disagree about taxes and funding things like roads. Glenn Richardson wants to "levy an additional 1-cent sales tax across Georgia;" while Sen. Jeff Mullis pretends to oppose Richardson by passing a law to allow locals to tax more. It all adds up to the same thing, MORE TAXES.

GEORGIA'S STATE Sen. Don Balfour wants to charge us for our electricity before we even get the juice. In short, he says, "If we pay the interest now, we're saving money." What a sick joke that is!

RAVE TO PRESIDENT BUSH for a job well done! May God bless him & his family.

JUST A RANT TO SAY how disappointed I was when my rural paper delivery in W'boro was dropped. I had been a Chronicle subscriber for years and so enjoyed reading my paper each day. Please reconsider delivering the paper to my area again. I can hardly function without it.

ALL RIGHT. You gave The Argyle Sweater a try. Now, let's get The Lockhorns back. Please!

GEORGIA'S BUDGET WOES are escalating while Gov. Sonny Perdue borrowed a $21 million personal loan last September just before the beginning of Georgia's economic collapse. The U.S. Attorney's Office and FBI need to take a look at this fat cat.

CAN IT COST $3 million to clean up six acres of dirty land in Augusta? How can that be possible? You can bulldoze the whole thing, and then sift through every bucket of dirt for less than half a million dollars per acre. Pardon the pun, but somebody's cleaning up on that deal.