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Cox's prize donation might go to creditors


ATLANTA --- The $1 million that Georgia schools Superintendent Kathy Cox won for charity on a game show last fall could end up in the hands of her creditors because of her personal bankruptcy filing.

Mrs. Cox had announced she was giving the money to three public schools for deaf and blind students, but it is unclear now whether the institutions will get the prize she won in August on Fox's Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? said attorneys working on the bankruptcy case. Alex Teel, the attorney for the bankruptcy trustee, said his client is exploring making a claim on the prize money.

"If in fact that was her money -- it belonged to her -- and she made a decision to give it away when she owed hundred of thousands of dollars, I think our position is it could be recovered by the trustee for the benefit of creditors," Mr. Teel said Wednesday.

A decision on whether to go after the money should be made in the next few weeks, he said.

Mrs. Cox and her husband, John, filed for bankruptcy Nov. 17, claiming $3.5 million in debt because of his Fayette County homebuilding business.

Plan to merge black schools goes to board

ATLANTA --- A state lawmaker who supports merging several historically black public colleges in Georgia has introduced a resolution urging the Board of Regents to move ahead with the cost-saving move.

State Sen. Seth Harp wants to merge historically black Savannah State University with Armstrong Atlantic State University and Albany State University with Darton College.