Rants and raves

A LOTTERY DONE properly and honestly will decrease the deficit in this country and may help the health plan, too.


IF THE REPUBLICANS WANT to win elections, they should take religion out of their politics.

RANT TO DR. BEDDEN and the Board of Education. My child has to wait in the cold for the bus, get on a cold bus, then go to a cold school.

GEORGIA SHOULD HAVE state car inspections. Cars that have no brake lights, one headlight or blowing out smoke would have to get fixed or off the road.

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT continues to push Marxism. And nowadays, they're not even afraid to say it openly. Goodbye to freedom.

WAKE UP, AUGUSTANS! Every day the local government talks about more "SPLOST" money as if YOUR tax money grows on trees.

STATE GOVERNMENT is broke, so Perdue wants to spend more rather than less. He's already conned Georgians to put part of MCG in Athens, costing zillions. Now he wants to spend more to build a "Medical Education Commons." What the heck does he mean by a commons? A little pasture so the new doctors can graze?

GIVE THE MAN a shot before you shoot him down. Every president ever has said what they will do and then didn't do it. Let Obama have his day.

I WAS A Chronicle subscriber until it decided that people who live in rural CSRA can no longer receive the Chronicle through the mail. There are those who can't get out every day to purchase a paper, and, believe it or not, not everyone owns a computer. Please reconsider this decision.

PERDUE DOESN'T want to raise taxes; he merely wants to raise "fees" for Medicaid funding. "Fees!" Ain't that still money?

GOVERNMENT LOVES euphemisms. Rather than hold a meeting to raise taxes, the Augusta commissioners are gonna hold a "tax workshop."

INSTEAD OF FIXING UP Regency Mall, condemn it. Take it then, fix it up, like other property you take when you need it.