Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


CONGRESS ISN'T SMART enough to fix the economy, but we citizens can help. When you go to the grocery store, flip over whatever you are going to buy and look at where it's made. If it's made in America, buy it. If it's not made in America, put it back on the shelf. We can build our economy back one dollar at a time.

WE HAVE A new president. Please, cut back on the festivities and let him go to work trying to fix this tremendous debt that George W. Bush created and left him.

I CAN'T UNDERSTAND why people complain that they can't spend part of their Sunday buying booze when they've got 144 hours out of 168 that they can do it in.

I'M DISCONTINUING THE paper because it is getting smaller every day and we don't know what is going on in the world.

LET'S HOPE GEORGIA passes the bill allowing for the purchase of alcohol on Sundays, period. I'm a victim of involuntary poverty and need the booze to numb the pain away. Every other victim in this society gets compassion and benefits. How about me?

NEVER IN THE history of inauguration has any president ever made a joke out of it. I'm ashamed to be an American. I'm ashamed to have an individual like that who just couldn't get the words out or anything.

SO, YOU DON'T like the elderly driving anymore? Well, if you would like to come and take me around town to my different appointments and to buy groceries ... and bring me back home, I'll be glad to stop driving.

IF WE ARE all equal citizens, when are we going to stop saying "African American" and call everyone born in America an American?

LAUGHTER IS THE best medicine. We all need the Lockhorns .

I WAS JUST wondering what happened to the little elephant statue that was at the Columbia County landfill entrance?