Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


IF THEY BAN CELL PHONES while driving, even using the hands-free method, then they should ban the radio and talking to others in the car while driving. What is the difference?

BILL KIRBY, I ENJOY your column very much. Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes you make me cry, but I think you erred in your wife's Christmas present. You can buy her new tires any old time, but for Christmas or her birthday, you ought to buy her something special just for her from you.

THE AUGUSTA commissioners are without a question the dumbest group I have ever seen. They continue to waste taxpayer money on a failed bus system. I work downtown and see the buses come by all day long with few or no people on board.

JIMMY CARTER is an embarrassment for the Democrats. We Republicans have George Bush to be ashamed of.

ISN'T IT AN OXYMORON when one of the commissioners calls anything dumb?

THOSE LETTERS TO President-elect Obama should be put in the comics section, they are hilarious.

Why criticize the political figures who did not attend the Augusta Groove game? After all the changes and venue downgrades, the prominent folks of Augusta had no idea where the game was being held or if there would actually be one. Do a better job of marketing and appeal to all the citizens, not just a select few.

ONE REASON the U.S. continues to sink is because political office is now decided by showbiz methods.

I'M NOT SURE IF I am the only one that notices this or not, but just take notice of how many Augusta Utilities Department vehicles are riding around doing nothing but burning taxpayers' hard-earned money.

RANT TO THE Columbia County Water Department for not having an online payment system.

ISN'T IT AMAZING how conservative the new president sounds now?

IF I COMPILE a dictionary, right by the word "ignorant" I'd have Eugene Robinson's picture.

I CAN'T BELIEVE WITH THE way the economy is that professional athletes are still getting millions and millions of dollars to play sports. People like John Smoltz.

I'M HAPPY FOR Obama being elected; however, he needs to keep his hands off our Social Security trust fund.