Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


HERE'S AN IDEA for our financial problems in Augusta. If police would start writing tickets for people running red lights and not using their turn signals we would have a surplus in money.

WHY IS MY Richmond County elementary school so cold? We have not had heat all winter and not been given any explanation why.

BIG RAVE FOR the great folks at the Village Deli. One of their team members found my diamond bracelet that I had lost at lunch and turned it in to the owners, who locked it up in their safe until I could trace back my steps and determine where I lost it.

A BIG RAVE to University day surgery in Evans. What a nice surgery center. Thank you, Cheryl, the wonderful nurse who took care of me before my surgery. You made my pre-surgery wait so relaxing and comforting.

I'M THINKING ABOUT running for president in 2012. I don't have any political experience, but maybe I'll get voted in just because I'm Hispanic.

THE HIGHWAYS ARE the main line to and from work. Why are the highways all messed up? The people don't drive as though they have ever had a driver's license.

I HOPE THAT Georgia passes the bill allowing for the purchase of alcohol on Sundays. The tradition is ridiculous, and we need to get with the times.

RANT ABOUT anti-conservative political leanings in our government school systems. The day after the election, my daughter was informed that she was racist because she preferred McCain over Obama.

PERDUE PROPOSES EDUCATOR rewards? A truly good teacher will teach well whatever the salary because it's that teacher's ability and nature. Meanwhile, Perdue doesn't even want to reward the teachers; he wants to reward the admin people, the folks who lead in the downfall of American public education.

HAVE YOU NOTICED? All governments in America only talk about more spending, yet all governments in America are already flat broke.

ONCE THERE WAS a presidential "State of the Union" message. Then there were state versions called "state of the state" speeches. Then there were more and more, all of them being unnecessary except to make the speech-maker believe for a moment he is president. Now the chancellor of the Georgia University System gives his "annual state of the system address." What'll be next? State of the kindergarten address? State of the backyard address? State of the ego address?