Dear Mr. President

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Augusta Chronicle invited students to write letters to President-elect Obama detailing what they would like him to do as president. The newspaper received more than 400 entries. Selected letters are being printed in The Chronicle and posted online at


Grand-prize winners in the elementary, middle and high school divisions will be published the week of Mr. Obama's inauguration. After his installation as the 44th president of the United States, the letters will be mailed to the White House.

Dear Mr. Obama,

I congratulate you and am proud to call you the President of the United States. I strongly believe that you will make a fantastic president. However, I have a few suggestions to help you obtain more respect from the citizens of the United States.

The first suggestion I have to help you achieve your goal of gaining the trust of most Americans is to make Sundays a day of rest for all citizens. Sunday should be a day for church and for relaxation. You, as president, could help in making Sunday a day of rest for all Americans.

Second, to appeal to the children of America, I suggest that you declare more holidays. I recommend adding National Cookie Day (NCD) to the calendar. National Cookie Day would be an amazing opportunity to improve your reputation. On National Cookie Day all schools could be out and cookies of all kinds could be free.

Last but not least I think you should stop people from cutting down so many trees. Our country is turning brown because trees are being cut down left and right to make room for roads, shopping malls and gas stations. In my opinion America has an overabundance of those places. Trees protect us from the sun's harmful rays, provide homes for animals, and produce oxygen for us to breathe. As president you should help the environment by stopping the destruction of our nation's forests.

Again, I congratulate you on becoming president. Thank you for taking the responsibility of becoming our nation's 44th president.


Olivia Chandler Brace

Seventh-grade home-school student

North Augusta