Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


RAVE FOR THE Christmas banners that were located at many of the Richmond County intersections, which included south Augusta! WOW! Now a suggestions to "One Up" this incredible idea: Use the same hardware and hang banners that will HIGHLIGHT Augusta during Masters Week.

RANT FOR THE Augusta Commission for still not repairing the huge bump at the Georgia end of the Fifth Street Bridge. Another to the AC for not following up on their published article on this same complaint!

POOR STEVE SPURRIER. Getting smashed by Iowa. You gotta feel sorry for the Old Ball Coach these days. Naaah!

EVERY DAY ALL THESE RANTS about what everyone else should do get a little old. I think if we spent half of that energy on how to make our own lives better instead of being hip deep in everyone else's business, we would be a lot better off.

NO MATTER IF WE wear a white sheet and light a cross in the name of racial purity or dress in black and carry weapons in the name of "justice," hate and ignorance are wrong. They must be stopped before our communities are destroyed.

RANT FOR SOUTH CAROLINA Gov. Mark Sanford for his unwillingness to accept federal money for unemployment benefits, What an idiot.

NOTICE HOW OBAMA does as he pleases already? He claims he is not yet president, so don't weigh him down with problems like Hamas. But then he turns around, still not yet in the White House, and "tells Congress to move on stimulus." That's the way Obama's gonna be, folks. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. It'll only get worse.

JUDGE BLANCHARD POSTPONES the hearing for the brother of Justin Elmore. The brother has apparently been convicted of cocaine crimes and obstruction of a cop. Why should this brother suddenly get a three-month reprieve? Political correctness continues to reign.

OBAMA ALREADY PLANS TO SPEND another few zillion dollars that neither he nor we the people have. Alas, you still can't spend your way out of debt; you must do the opposite -- SAVE! Why can't our politicians learn this? Because it would take away some of their personal power, the thing they ran for office for in the first place. There are enough inflated egos in Washington to make the Earth float out of orbit. Maybe that's behind the weird weather.