Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RAVE for the new Food Lion at North Belair and Washington roads. I just visited the store, and the staff is so friendly.

A BIG SHOUT-OUT to the men and women who protect and defend the interests of the United States of America in large and small places all over the world.

A RAVE TO NIMMONS and Malchow. Their receptionist Diane is so sweet and helpful, always willing to go that extra mile for you.

A RANT TO THE DRIVERS on I-20, especially 18-wheelers who do not merge or at least slow down as they are approaching the temporary off- and on-ramps from Bobby Jones, Wheeler Road and Washington Road. The ramps require you to stop before merging into traffic. However, the cars that are already on I-20 are speeding and do not attempt to merge to allow the traffic to get onto the interstate.

I'M SURE University Hospital could put up a copious amount of lighting if everybody who went there for service and treatment would just pay their bills for the services rendered.

RAVE FOR THE Israeli Navy for ramming Cynthia McKinney's boat, but a rant that they didn't do it hard enough to knock her overboard.

A RANT TO THE CHRONICLE for printing foreclosures and liens. Save paper and ink and stop printing what is public record. Why benefit from others' sad misfortune and sorrow in today's economy?

A RAVE FOR THE Augusta State Gospel Choir. Their new videos on YouTube are very inspirational.

AH, CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: Once an embarrassment to the people of Decatur, then an embarrassment to the people of Georgia, now an embarrassment to the people of the United States. If there are aliens out there, I hope she does not meet them.

THE CITY OF AUGUSTA without gentrification will be like the worst of downtown Chicago. Commissioners look at the reality of this mess. The residential parts of this city are at risk of becoming a dingy world-class ghetto.

ANOTHER GREAT IDEA for Augusta: Buy Olmstead Homes. Use Olmstead Homes for baseball game visitors and Masters rentals. Gate it and call it Guest Lake.