Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THE NEW "Welcome to Augusta" sign by the flea market looks like a guillotine.

DISCONTINUE SATURDAY transit service? I say leave it running and start it back at 24 hours a day like they used to. How do they expect people who work afternoons and night shifts to get to and from their jobs? Most of these places are open 24 hours now.

I LIKE TO LISTEN to WJBF-TV, but one of the reporters on there wears a dress that is too low. She dresses real pretty, but I think she needs to cover up a little bit.

I JUST CAN'T understand why Clarks Hill Lake is being called Strom Thurmond Lake. After all, Strom Thurmond opposed the construction of that lake.

RAVE TO MCG'S Seven South unit. My husband was a patient there from Dec. 6 through 15. I remember James and Kim as especially wonderful, and even if I can't remember your name, I'll remember your faces and the excellent care that you gave.

IF YOU BELIEVE in global warming, step outside.

ANY GUN should be used for protection only, not for aggression.

RAVE FOR MY paper carrier Joyce that delivers on Highway 88. She is very prompt. Thank God for her.

THE COLISEUM AUTHORITY wasted so much money year after year, yet they wouldn't give a dime to save the Lynx.

TO THE IDIOTS THAT have so many negative things to say about Justin Elmore: How would you feel if it was one of your family members who was shot down by police? Remember, there are two sides to every story.

RANT FOR THE LADY who put a note on my father's car when he parked in an "expectant mothers" spot. For your information, I was with him. I'm nine months pregnant. He was parking there so I wouldn't have a long way to walk.

THIS IS A RAVE for Cindy Newsome in the housekeeping department at University Hospital. Thank you for being so kind to my parents when they were in the hospital.