Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


YOUR STORY SAYS: Columbia County officials are "eliminating government divisions" to cut spending. Move 'em to Washington, where they can do more good.

A GEORGIA WEB SITE (SC has one, too), makes it easier for people to get food stamps, and other handouts from the unwilling taxpayer. They can go online and apply for food stamps, "social services," Medicaid, child care (baby sitters?!), WIC, energy assistance .... In Georgia alone in November, 480,000 households (not individuals, but households) are using up our hard-earned tax money. If these Americans are so hungry, why do they buy a computer rather than buy food for their families?

ONE BIG RANT for DOT. Why did DOT rip up all the main streets and interstate ramps at once? They should have completed one job before ripping up another. Now the whole city is tore up.

I WAS IN Augusta over the holidays and saddened to see the pictorial display of the all-area athletes. It is a shame that our culture has placed physique above athletics or academics.

'TWAS THE DAY after Christmas and all through the city of Harlem, there were overstuffed trash cans and piles of soaked cardboard littering the streets.'

WOULD SOMEBODY please take action that could eliminate so many accidents at the intersection of Tobacco Road and Windsor Spring Road? There needs to be a "turn on green arrow only" for traffic traveling on Tobacco Road and needing to turn onto Windsor Spring Road.

TO ALL THE Operation Christmas Feast Volunteers -- Thanks to all the volunteers that made this year's feast a huge success.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK the nice people who paid for dinner for my kids and me at the Japanese restaurant. You made our day!