Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.


I WILL BE VERY HAPPY when Mama Mia! is finally performed in Augusta because then perhaps they'll take that ad off TV. If I hear it one more time I think I'm going to start screaming.

RANT TO THE people that are living in Cherry Tree. I realize that everybody is not criminal, but I feel like that place is a little town all by itself. Elmore should not have been trying to get away from the police. When they said stop, he should have stopped.

A BIG RAVE TO Nancy, Shirley, Kathy and Harold at Carquest on Lumpkin Road. They give great customer service.

THE 'CREPE MURDERERS' trim yearly, usually in January-February, to keep the trees from growing 50 feet tall or more. We "Crepe Murderers" have a plan to keep our trees alive, but not allow them to overtake the house.

RANT TO ALL THE local media outlets, including The Chronicle, for not covering the "Day with a Deputy" function held at Bojangles in Martinez and WalMart on Bobby Jones. For each of you not to cover a story with such a great feeling and effort for those in need shows your true colors.

HAVE YOU NOTICED how many squirrels are in Patriots Park lately? The place is overrun with them. What can we do to "thin" them out?

A SPECIAL THOUGHT TO all the soldiers overseas that could not return to their families. God bless you and thank you so much for your sacrifice.

FOR AL SHARPTON to criticize the Richmond County Sheriff's Department is the most egregious form of racism there is.

THIS IS A RANT to The Augusta Chronicle for acknowledging the rant against Obama using his middle name. You're an idiot.

SO, IF THE KU KLUX KLAN marches through a neighborhood with guns, there will be no arrests as long as they are nonviolent?