Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


THE QUALITY OF LIFE gets better as gas gets more expensive. There are fewer of the riff-raff joyriding with boom boxes. I pray that gas prices will soar. Poor people shouldn't be joyriding!

KUDOS TO THE Gracewood Pee Wee Cheerleaders who so graciously participated in the Gracewood State Hospital Christmas Parade. Thank you for keeping spirit in our school. And thanks for being role models to other students!

A BIG, FAT RANT to Augusta State University for not holding a December graduation ceremony.

THE TRIAL OF Brian Nichols in the Atlanta courts is the most blatant example of milking the taxpayers I have ever heard of.

I BEG TO DIFFER WITH a comment in the paper. Spanking is a form of discipline that some, but not all, children need. If people like you would mind your own business and let parents discipline their children as they see fit, maybe more of today's children would not be so unruly.

PARENTS, PLEASE KEEP your children in school. Augusta has so many adults who can't do simple math, like 30 percent off $50. It's a shame.

BIG RANT TO THE PERSON or person going around neighborhoods destroying Christmas decorations. God sees you.

GOVERNMENT AND MOST PEOPLE don't even know what credit cards are for. They're not to let you borrow money. They're a convenient way to buy without having to carry lots of cash, Credit cards were never intended to turn into long-term loans.

EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW in Louisiana. Ice storms and blizzards in the Northeast, and winter hasn't even begun yet. If Al "Chicken Little" Gore's "Global Warming" continues, we will all freeze to death.

IT IS PRETTY OBVIOUS we don't need a downtown stadium when we can't even keep the Lynx afloat.

A RAVE to Dr. Johnson and all the other folks at Doctors Hospital who were so patient and caring when my daughter broke her foot. She was scared, and your kindness comforted her during her ordeal. It was a blessing to have been treated by such friendly people. Merry Christmas to each of you and thank you again!

PRESIDENT BUSH'S shoe-thrower seemed to have good velocity and location. Even as we speak, the Atlanta Braves probably have someone en route to Iraq to sign this guy up.

AUGUSTA, WHY ARE you so fixated on the white/black issue? I have never seen such ignorance in one town.