Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


RAVES TO THE CITIZENS of Augusta for showing two visitors from Maryland that friendliness is still very much alive!

TWENTY CITY EMPLOYEES laid off so a few could receive a pay raise? City employees need a union right now.

THE COLUMBIA COUNTY school board considers banning spanking of students. When school boards get stupid, so do students.

I'VE BEEN TAKING the paper for over 30 years now. I've called in Rants & Raves a number of times and they are never printed. Would you please print some that I call in? It's a huge rant to the parents that serve alcohol on their underage daughter's wedding to her and all her underage bridesmaids and friends. You need to be in jail for this, wedding or not.

I'VE BEEN CALLING Rants & Raves for two years and haven't had one placed. This is a rant against the Richmond County government for laying off all those people at the holiday season. It seems to me that Americans should start working together at all levels, especially at the community and city levels. Instead of giving the raises, it would have been better to try and keep one or two more people employed full-time as a show of unity among the employees and a show of love and respect for their co-workers.

IN REFERENCE TO the homeless program at the VA, you shouldn't have it. It's going to end up being drug-infested.

RAVES TO Mr. Jones of Harlem. What a fine person he is. He knows how to treat people right and he's a fine businessman. He's always got a nice smile and I just want to say that I hope you keep up the good work.

TO THE PERSON who claimed that problems began during Jimmy Carter's administration and Clinton's administration, that's nonsense. It all started when both of the Bushes got into office. That's when everything went downhill, with Republicans in office.

THIS IS TO THE know-it-all who said that to save money with the government, people should make Medicaid patients take drug tests. I was crushed in a car wreck in 2002. I have Medicaid by the grace of God to go a doctor. We are required to take drug tests. So before you cut down the taxpayers helping underprivileged people like me ... get your facts straight.