Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


WHAT A SAD STATEMENT about our community when we have enough money for a larger jail but can't keep the botanical gardens open.

A RAVE FOR the Odyssey Health Care Hospice. They were so loving and kind to my husband during his last days of battling cancer. They were there for him and for me. God bless them all.

RANT TO MAYOR COPENHAVER and Fred Russell for not doing anything to save the Augusta Lynx and keep them here so we'd have us a hockey team.

THANKS TO TERRY at MCG Hospital for his kindness. My family and I were very upset and had no idea where to go, but he took the time to guide us to the right place. I didn't get his last name, but he said he worked in maintenance. He was right about the doctors and nurses. They were great.

I WOULD LIKE TO SEND a basket of raves to Mrs. Mohler at Glenn Hills Middle School. My grandson owes everything he has achieved to her hard work.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the road crew on Bungalow Road. Thank you, Greg, for putting up the new mailbox; Julius, for answering so many questions; and to all who worked so diligently to keep us safe when we had so much rain in this area in the last couple weeks. May God bless you all.

HOW CAN YOU SPEND $30 million for a jail, $20 million for a library and cannot come up with $300,000 to keep the Augusta Lynx in town?

RANT TO THE NEIGHBORS that called the local pound to my house. First of all you should have asked me and I could tell you that I don't even own a dog. Second of all, stay out of my business and away from my house.

I JUST WANTED TO LET The Augusta Chronicle and its readers know that the carrier Arlene Collins who delivers the paper to Swainsboro, Ga., is one of the greatest people. She works hard and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

MY COMMENTS are for the people who voted for Barack Obama without researching his legislative and foreign policy experience. There's an old saying: Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.