Rants & raves

Comments from our readers.


UNDER THIS Obama presidency we will finally learn the truth about UFOs.

RAVES TO BARACK OBAMA for referring to himself as a "mutt," as I've also heard cool, young people, including sophisticated military brats, do. What a wonderfully humorous way to make a good, positive statement about America!

WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT if Plaxico Burress could be Michael Vick's new cellmate? They could practice five-foot pass patterns all day long. "Hey, Plax, do a curl route at the end of the bunk." "Dang, Michael, is that the only play we've got?"

KUDOS TO THE Columbia County Board of Education transportation department. What an inspiration it is to walk past your bus drivers as they hang out, smoking, in front of the gas station, with their buses idling away the diesel a few yards away. Great image, BOE!

RANTS TO THE commissioners for passing budgets without any questions. When did they scrub the budget and where was the public?

IT'S A SHAME Ms. Paschall would charge the taxpayers all that money. Some of that money could have been used for the needy in our area. That's just too much.

A HUGE RAVE TO Kelly Business Printers for completing and delivering a big order the day before Thanksgiving.

THIS IS A HUGE RAVE to RCSO!!! Thank you for making Augusta safer!!! If not for you all we would be overrun by evil!

IF THE TRUTH BE known, Mother Teresa was probably a bitter old broad.

A HUGE RAVE TO the president-elect. In the few weeks since the election, he has shown great strength of purpose in his resolve by not waiting for Jan. 20 to begin to working on the fixes needed to bring about improvements in our way of life.

RANT TO LEGISLATORS who are pushing a law targeted at kids who do text-messaging while driving. It's a good law and should apply to everyone.

WE SHOULDN'T ALLOW THE licensing of two new reactors at Vogtle until the nuclear waste issue has been solved. Do you trust them, big business and the government, to do the right thing?

RAVE TO THE workers in Columbia County voting annex. I voted twice, most efficient operation I've ever seen -- quick, courteous service.