Grass is always greener with paint

If it's green grass you want, Taylor Davis can make it happen.


The owner of ProGreen Lawn Painting paints lawns green, a concept that he got off TV. The 24-year-old business management student at Augusta State University started the business last month with $5,000.

Also the owner of Davis Pressure Washing, Mr. Davis said he wanted to perform a service he could do in colder months.

"In the warmer months, I get a lot of pressure washing calls. When the winter time comes around, hopefully I can supplement my income with grass painting," he said.

For his paint jobs, Mr. Davis uses a turf colorant that is used on golf courses and athletic fields. The paint is non-toxic and contains ammonia, which creates nitrogen and feeds grass like fertilizer, he explained.

"I'm not only painting the grass green, but it's also adding food," Mr. Davis said.

"A lot of golf courses are actually painting their greens rather than overseeding them with ryegrass. It's a cheaper alternative, and it looks just as good," he said.

Mr. Davis uses a hand-held sprayer connected to a 60-gallon tank on a trailer for his paint jobs, which last about three months.

There are three shades of green from which to choose. The paint dries in 30 minutes to one hour and forms a protective barrier around each blade of grass, Mr. Davis explained.

"Rain doesn't really affect it, and it doesn't fade out. The only way to get it out is to cut the grass," he said.

Mr. Davis provides services for residential and business clients in the Augusta-Aiken area. He believes lawn painting is ideal for real estate agents, who might need something extra to sell a home.

He charges by the total amount of paint used. A small lawn can cost from $100 to $150.

For now, Mr. Davis is flying solo while he gets his business off the ground.

"I hope that it will become a year-round thing," he said.

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