Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THE REPUBLICANS are squirming. You had your chance; now sit back and watch as the Democrats return this nation to prosperity once again, the same way we had to after the first Bush mess.

GOVERNMENT BAILOUT for the Big Three automakers? I say let them fail. You're actually bailing out the labor unions.

THE WOMAN WHO said Congressman Paul Broun insulted her intelligence obviously doesn't have any.

EITHER WAY, WE lose. We either elect Saxby, who abetted Bush in both the economic disasters hanging over us all ... or we elect the Democrat Martin, who has already run begging for help from Obama, which automatically will put Martin into Obama's hands if Martin wins. A sad day.

EVERYBODY IN America who has been living within his means is getting beat to pieces from government, penalized for doing something right. This is beyond criminal on the part of government .

A HUGE RANT TO the Columbia County school system. Wes Ivie informs school officials about the gun, but is treated like he intentionally took the weapon to school. What kind of message are you sending other students; that doing the right thing gets you nowhere!

RANT TO THE Columbia County school board. Ladies and gentlemen, pack your bags, and get ready to move on. You have served your last term.

LAST TIME I CHECKED it was a felony to bring a gun on school grounds. Why wasn't the Evans High School student arrested?

THE BOY BROUGHT the gun to school. It was in the vehicle for over four days. It wasn't until a search was launched that he "told the truth."He got the correct punishment.

A RANT ON the recent editorial. You did not mention that the Evans student left the gun in the car for several days and only notified officials when he learned that police were checking the parking lot. He could have been permanently suspended.